Services offered

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at online and offline conferences, workshops, and meetings in Georgia and the South Caucasus with travel possible to other countries (Ukraine, Belarus, EU, Central Asia, etc.).

I provide interpretation:

FROM English, Russian, Ukrainian
INTO Russian, English

I also take on a limited amount of translation work in the same language combinations and can do voice recordings and video subtitles.

Contact me at for a quote. Let me know the date, meeting format, subject matter, and any other important considerations.

Clients are expected to provide adequate materials information in advance, including agenda, presentations, etc. If this is not possible, at the very least I expect a description of the subject matter and meeting format.

Check out some of the events I have interpreted at over the years. 


Do I do whispered interpretation (so-called "Chuchotage")?
Yes, but speaking softly and leaning forward for long periods of time is quite a strain, and it is easier to do high-quality work with proper equipment. 

Do I do online interpretation?
Yes, I have done this for a number of online events, such as CryptoFest 2017 and the Linguahackers International Online Polyglot Conference. This can be set up through Zoom (I've written about online conferences here). 

Can I work alone if necessary?
Yes, but typically interpreters work in pairs, taking turns every 20-30 minutes. If an interpreter ends up working alone, he typically charges double the rate. Working in pairs helps interpreters avoid exhaustion and adopt new terminology faster. It is better for everyone.

Do I have colleagues I prefer to work with in the booth?
Yes, and I can contact them myself about an assignment or refer them to you directly.  

Can I refer you to another interpreter if I'm busy on a certain date?
Yes, of course.  

What about other languages I don't work with?
Yes, I know many conference interpreters in Tbilisi and the region and can refer you to one or more who fit your needs, e.g. Georgian, German, Spanish, French, etc.

Can I take care of my own travel arrangements?
Yes. This is negotiated with each client individually, and typically some compensation will be expected for time lost due to travel.

Do I interpret at medicine-related events?
Yes, but only if materials—agenda and presentations—are provided in advance. The same goes for all other highly technical topics. 

Do I provide translation, editing, or proofreading services?
Currently I only take on translation work at a rate of $0.10 USD per source word or higher. I translate Russian and Ukrainian to English and English to Russian. I do not provide editing or proofreading services because I usually end up rewriting everything for minimal pay.

What about voice recordings and video subtitles?
Yes, I have substantial experience doing both. I have a professional microphone and desktop recording setup and work in GarageBand. For subtitles I've used
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